Kimberley pearl farmer James Brown was facing ruin when the Australian pearl industry was smashed by juvenile pearl oyster mortality syndrome (JPOMS) in 2009. Today, his pearl farm in Cygnet Bay is a flourishing enterprise that combines farming, tourism and a research station – a recue story that helped James win the coveted title, ‘Farmer of the Year’ in 2021.

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Phettucine: the seaweed-fortified pasta that really makes you think…

Thanks to a 10% supplement of Australian seaweed, this fettucine delivers a delicious green pasta to your plate and 71% of your daily iodine requirements – which happens to be great for brain health. Dr Pia Winberg, whose lively mind is behind Venus Shell Systems and Phycohealth, says the tide is turning for seaweed: “Ten percent of seaweed in our [...]