Thanks to a 10% supplement of Australian seaweed, this fettucine delivers a delicious green pasta to your plate and 71% of your daily iodine requirements – which happens to be great for brain health. Dr Pia Winberg, whose lively mind is behind Venus Shell Systems and Phycohealth, says the tide is turning for seaweed: “Ten percent of seaweed in our pasta saves land, saves fossil carbon inputs and it’s much better for us!”

Read more about this from CRC Partner: Venus Shell Systems, NSW

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Karl Lawton is on the point of a breakthrough in the leading-edge science of microalgae bioreactors. Not bad for a bloke who only completed Year 12… “If I’m asked at a dinner party what I do, I say I’m designing and building a biofilm-based enclosed bioreactor. And that’s when the dinner party guests go, ‘Well, what the hell is that?’ [...]