Australian Marine Bioproducts

Delivering, developing, validating and helping deliver a range of certified, evidence-based, high
value Australian marine bioproducts into global markets.
Research themes and outputs:

  • 1
    New Marine Bioproducts
    Products including foods, feeds, nutraceuticals and agrochemicals derived from Australian marine biomass.
  • 2
    Products with Enhanced Functionality
    Improved products with enhanced functionality, including potency, safety and commercial viability, enabled by directed strain selection, biorefining/biomanufacture, and chemical modification.
  • 3
    Products with Substantiated Properties
    Superior products with substantiated mode-of-action and functionality (i.e. therapeutic, nutraceutical and agrochemical properties).
  • 4
    Products with Premium Formulations
    Premium products featuring innovative formulations, optimised for multiple market sectors.
  • 5
    Biobusiness Toolbox
    A specialist consultancy that supports Australian marine bioprodcuts companies fast-track decision making, and market expansion.

rob capon

Program 3 leader

Professor Rob Capon

University of Queensland