Innovative Bioprocessing Technologies

Innovative Bioprocessing Technologies designed specifically for the Australian marine bioproducts industry critical for its growth.

Research themes and outputs:

  • 1
    Biobusiness Toolbox
    Software and analytics to enable efficient decisions to de-risk investments towards scale-up and biomanufacturing.
  • 2
    Biorefinery Configurations
    Cost effective and efficient biomanufacturing configurations and equipment technology to enable circular biorefinery of multiple products.
  • 3
    Automated Biomanufacturing
    Automation, AI and industry 4.0 technology to enable reduced labour cost and improved productivity.
  • 4
    Modular Biomanufacturing
    Modular factory that is cost competitive and can be utilised by multiple partners demonstrated at commercial scale.
  • 5
    Cooperative Business Models
    Bioprocessing methodology that can be applied by the industry partners for productivity, efficiency and cost-effective production of bioproducts.

Program 2 Leader

Professor Colin Barrow

Deakin University