Sustainable marine resources

Developing the cultivation skills, technologies and management practices to grow high quality marine bioproducts sustainably and cost-effectively, both now and into the future.

Research themes and outputs:

  • 1
    Performance Selection
    A decision support framework to optimise success by aligning product, location and production model.
  • 2
    Breeding for Success
    A breeding and hatchery program that will provide partners access to species strains best suited to their physical and economic environment.
  • 3
    Optimised Production
    Reliable, efficient and commercially viable production, harvest and stabilisation systems built around proven cost-effective, state-of-the-art technology and the associated operational skills.
    a) Microalgae/microbes
    b) Macroalgae
    c) Marine animals


A/Prof Catriona MacLeod​

University of Tasmania​