research programs

Sustainable marine resources

Ensuring a consistent, sustainable and high quality supply of marine biomass is essential to a high value and competitive Australian marine bioproducts industry.
Research areas of focus:

Program 1 leader

Dr Pia Winberg

Venus Shell Systems Pty Ltd

Innovative Bioprocessing Technologies

Innovative Bioprocessing Technologies designed specifically for the Australian marine bioproducts industry critical for its growth.
Research areas of focus:

Program 2 Leader

Professor Colin Barrow

Deakin University

Australian Marine Bioproducts

Exploiting the potential pipeline of high value marine bioproducts from Australia's unique marine biota will open up opportunities in the global marketplace.
Research areas of focus:
rob capon

Program 3 leader

Professor Rob Capon

University of Queensland

CET Leader

Professor Kirsten Heimann

Flinders University

Connect, Educate & train (CET)

Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

The MB-CRC’s prime objective is to provide a cooperative platform to accelerate the translation of marine bioproduct discoveries and create an energetic and expansive bio-economy industry in Australia, through adoption of the MB-CRC’s IP, processes and candidate products.