research programs

Program 1

Sustainable marine resources

Ensuring a consistent, sustainable and high quality supply of marine biomass is essential to a high value and competitive Australian marine bioproducts industry.
Research areas of focus:
  • Large scale cultivation and harvesting of marine biomass.
  • Economically viable and environmentally sustainable biomass production.
  • Developing an enduring social licence to open up access to sustainable marine biomass.
  • Supporting the development of a regulatory framework that drives new industry growth.

Program 1 leader

Dr Pia Winberg

Venus Shell Systems Pty Ltd

Program 2

Innovative Bioprocessing Technologies

Innovative Bioprocessing Technologies designed specifically for the Australian marine bioproducts industry critical for its growth.
Research areas of focus:
  • Developing off-the-shelf technologies that are economically viable in Australia.
  • New technologies that provide value add to current bioprocessing methodologies.
  • Smart processing and automation to allow for lower volumes of feedstock, reduce labour cost and efficient environmental compliance.
  • Economic modelling for system optimisation and industry uptake.

Program 2 Leader

Professor Colin Barrow

Deakin University

Program 3

Australian Marine Bioproducts

Exploiting the potential pipeline of high value marine bioproducts from Australia's unique marine biota will open up opportunities in the global marketplace.
Research areas of focus:
  • Identifying and validating new marine bioproducts from unique Australian marine species.
  • Developing marine bioproducts from existing Australian biomass sources.
  • Investment and access to high value domestic and export markets including supply chain optimisation.
rob capon

Program 3 leader

Professor Rob Capon

University of Queensland

CET Leader

Professor Kirsten Heimann

Flinders University

Connect, Educate & train (CET)

  • Create globally connected leaders
  • Build the future marine high tech workforce
  • Community of education and engagement
  • Drive innovation and investment in the sector
  • Connect and link partners across the supply chain

Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

The MB-CRC’s prime objective is to provide a cooperative platform to accelerate the translation of marine bioproduct discoveries and create an energetic and expansive bio-economy industry in Australia, through adoption of the MB-CRC’s IP, processes and candidate products.