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Marine Bioproducts CRC Progresses to Stage 2!

19 November2020

The MB-CRC Executive team are very pleased to announce that the Marine Bioproducts CRC is one of five bids selected to submit a Stage 2 bid for CRC Round 22. This is great news, and a strong endorsement of the bid in what has been a very competitive round thus far.

Stage 2 promises to be even more competitive as the remaining five bids vie for CRC funding in 2021. The second round will close on 18 January 2021 and we will continue to undertake the significant work required for the Stage 2 bid.

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Stage 1 Application submitted!

24 August 2020

We are pleased to announce that the Stage 1 application was successfully submitted on 29th July . We have created a compelling case for Federal Government support as we endeavour to capitalise on Australia’s unique advantages and research capabilities to grow and transform the Australian marine bioproducts industry.  Our focus is on developing the Australian industry and market-driven innovations to deliver competitive capacity for Australia in addressing global high value markets.

There has been very strong support for the CRC with 68 partners formally joining the bid and together bringing partner contributions in excess of $211m comprising cash, in-kind personnel and access to unique infrastructure, equipment, and pilot facilities to benefit the CRC.

It is not too late to join us!  To get involved in the MB-CRC, please contact us here.  To learn more about the MB-CRC follow this link and to keep informed of progress and receive regular updates please subscribe here.

Australian Marine Bioproducts Industry group (AMBIG)

24 August 2020

The AMBIG’s is an early initiative of the MB-CRC with a primary focus to support the Marine Bioproducts industry.  They have recently launched a new website which provides details about the AMBIG’s purpose and how to engage with them including unique membership benefits related to collaboration and communication within the sector. The AMBIG’s LinkedIn page  is another great avenue to foster discussion and networking within the industry. If you or any of your collaborators are interested in joining the AMBIG, please visit the Membership page on their website. To stay informed about the AMBIG’s activities, follow the LinkedIn page and subscribe for updates.

Marine Biotechnology: The next wave for Australia

12 September 2019

Meet the researcher striving to take our hidden marine potential global.

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MyBlueCity is going digital!

5 July 2019

BioMarine International interview with Prof. Zhang (Flinders University, Australia).

Ana Ferreira, BioMarine Community Manager, BioMarine International recently interviewed Prof. Wei Zhang.

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